Where The Magic Happens

I have had many a craft space; from the corner of a bedroom to my very own room and all manners of spaces in between. I am very lucky to have a partner who not only appreciates my creative pursuits but encourages them. Sometimes he helps me aquire a new tool or some fabric and sometimes he hands me an entire room in our house to get creative in. I love him for many reasons, but this is one I am most appreciative of. We recently moved into a new house. The house seems to be both bigger and smaller than our last house. My new studio is one of those 'biggers'.

Seasonal Decor Fun!


I thought I would welcome the sunshine and warmth with a bright new wreath. Isn't it fabulous?! All I did was spray paint an old grapevine wrath, knot some scraps of fabric and glue them in a row. Cut some triangles, zig zag stitched them to some jute twine and voila! The cheeriest summer wreath ever.

New In The Modern Wednesday Shoppe

Things are happening! Things are moving! Things are never still for long! Today I have a few new items in the Modern Wednesday Shoppe Some hair accessories for mama and the little ones as well as some adjustable coffee cozies.

New In The Modern Wednesday Shoppe 

Branding Modern Wednesday Bit By Bit

I've been working on my merchandising this week. From Googling and Pinning craft show ideas to making my own price tags and accessory cards. With some paint chips, two paper punches, avery sticker paper I was able to come up with these. I am constantly tweaking but I think they have just enough colour to draw in a buyer at a craft fair and being almost free I can send them off in the mail with an online purchase.

Modern Wednesday Has A QR Code

Even itty bitty crafty business can benefit from a QR code so when I found a link to free QR code generator at Rerun Design I just had to acquire one and share it!

I am kind of glad I have been procrastinating on my business cards because now I can add the code to the back. Also, now I can print up a copy and frame it for my craft show booth. Well, when I get a craft show booth! Happy Wednesday.

The Beginning of the Beginning

This is so exciting! I am finally taking the plunge and building a website with a shoppe! I have been blogging on and off for a few years, you can visit my old (but still active as of this writing) blog titled Until Wednesday Calls here. If you follow the crafty blogosphere you might even recognize some of my projects. The inception of that blog was essentially when I became serious about learning the finer points of sewing. 

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